Sunday, November 8, 2015

Travel tip

My husband and I recently took an extended weekend trip to my alma mater to celebrate my college homecoming. It was a lovely even and I was able to catch up with several friends I had not seen in years. Along the way we almost made a costly mistake and I hope by telling you about it, you won't make the same mistake.

We stayed at hotels for most of the trip. For comfort, we took our own pillows, four of them to be exact. These are not cheap, flimsy pillows. No, they are the fancy ones that are supposed to help us sleep better. Here's where the problem came in. I love cotton sheets, especially white cotton sheets. Which includes using white cotton pillowcases. Guess who else uses white cotton pillowcases? That's right: almost every hotel and motel in the nation. So when we made our last sweep through the hotel room to check for anything we left, I didn't give a second thought to those white pillows on the bed. It was only later when we were on the road, and I felt a nap coming on, did I realize we had left the pillows there. My husband turned the car around and I frantically called the hotel to identify and hold our pillows. They did find them and graciously held them at the front desk.

So how to avoid doing this repeatedly? My idea was to get some brightly-colored (garish, if you will) pillowcases. I found some lovely fuchsia and orange ones at a local store. At the next hotel where we stayed more than one night, the cleaning personnel laid them out at the foot of the bed to remind us that those neon entities did not belong to them. These will forever be our travel pillowcases. I hope this cautionary tale will help you as well: don't travel with white pillowcases on your pillows unless you want to donate them to some lucky cleaning person.