Sunday, February 16, 2014

Good Intentions

There is an old Randy Travis song that runs through my head sometimes that says, "I hear tell the road to hell is paved with good intentions." Good (meaning productive) intentions often run through my mind as well, such as, writing for the blog, cleaning the house, etc. If you look at my published post list, you can see how far such intentions have taken me. That being said, this is not a post about regrets; rather it is a post to jump back into blogging.

So, my health has been slowly improving as my weight has been slowly declining. Mr. Middle of a Mess (MoaM) and I have been experimenting with different low-carb foods. Mr. MoaM had a come to Jesus meeting with his doctor and has been better monitoring his intake and his daily glucose levels. It has been fun to try different foods made in different ways. We have recently made basic Cauli Rice (as in "rice" from cauliflower), Coconut Lime Rice (also from cauliflower) and Broccoli Pesto over Spaghetti Squash. These were all "do again" worthy. We have tried to make exercise a part of our lives but that has yet to take hold.

Mr. MoaM has also started working on the backyard since it is no longer bitterly cold. The backyard is a small bog. I don't say this loudly lest the EPA come and declare it a wetland. We are not sure if the water that it holds is from run off, a broken pipe or possibly a spring. Mr. MoaM is putting down gravel and planting water-loving plants to (1) take up some of the water, and (2) accept that it is not a regular backyard.

I have been making small strides in the house-cleaning category. My motivation at this point is that we are hosting the family Christmas this year. While that might not mean much to you, I need the entire year to whip the house into shape. It's been slow going because of the aforementioned good intentions with the corresponding lack of action.

So how have you been doing?

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