Sunday, December 1, 2013

No Post November

So apparently I didn't post anything to the blog in November, making it a No Post November. I had every intention of posting. I tried out my witty remarks in my mind and thought of funny catch-phrases. Then my husband called me at work to tell me our house had been burglarized. My priorities then became very narrow and focused to a single thought: secure the house. We have made significant improvements in that direction but I continue to fear that it is not enough. I know intellectually that the fear will diminish over time but emotionally it continues to affect my mood. I have come to a place of serenity that what will happen will happen but I'm not there all the time. Most of the things taken can be replaced in some form, except for my mother-in-law's pearls. These were given to me on my wedding day by my sister-in-law as my mother-in-law passed away many years ago, before I had even met my husband. I like to think that we would have gotten along quite well and that she would have forgiven me for the manner in which the pearls were lost.  

For the sake of accountability, I must report that my chain for scheduled workouts was broken. I was visiting my brother and his family, and actually started well, walking in the bitter cold. Then illness overtook me and instead of stubbornly pushing ahead, I stepped back and took care of myself. When I have been treated and am reasonably well on the road to recovery, I will resume my workouts. I do not feel the need to beat myself up. The chaining idea is to maintain my motivation to work through the boredom. It is one thing to say I didn't work out because I was sick; it is quite another to say I didn't because I was bored. The first is reasonable, the second unacceptable.

So my steps now are to resume my life, perhaps with a bit more vigilance, and to resume my exercise regimen at an appropriate time. What is your next step?