Thursday, October 17, 2013

The Next Step in the Health Clean-up

Today I had my follow-up visit with my primary care provider (or PCP like we like to say in the healthcare biz). My doctor is a no-nonsense kind of guy, in every sense of the word. I've been working hard at making lifestyle changes in order to change my life, and I wanted it to show. I think he was pleasantly surprised because he said, "I see you took our last visit seriously." To his credit, he always gives me a copy of my lab results and discusses them with me. It is not a hurried discussion. Rather, it is a review of my health and family history, his plan for what comes next and what steps he or I will take in that plan.

So my changes are this:
  • fasting glucose = within a normal range and lower than when I measured a couple of weeks ago,
  • A1C = within a normal range. This is the "look back" value for glucose,
  • triglycerides = within a normal range and 100+ points lower than last time, and
  • cholesterol = still out of normal range but improved.
These are all improvements. My weight was lower but I'm less concerned about that number than I am about the values listed above. 

Here is my one beef with the whole visit: he still considers me to have Diabetes; controlled but still there. He didn't think I need medication for it specifically but did want to change/add some blood pressure medicines due to the vascular damage that diabetes can cause. He said I did need to continue doing what I was doing.  So my goal for my next visit (in February) is to solidify the normal numbers for glucose and A1C so that I can argue that he is basing my alleged diagnosis on one irregular number.

So I'm wondering, do you argue with your doctor?


  1. I'm always too embarrassed by my numbers to argue with my doctor :) But last time, I took things into my own hands and got my numbers down. You can do this! If you live like you have diabetes, you will most likely never "have" it...does that make sense? I don't know if I've ever given you this website address or not, but she has some really awesome articles and recipes! Hope you can check it out..... you are doing great! (This is Melanie)

  2. Thanks for the encouragement! Knowing that you are supporting gives me more determination to decide for myself. And yes, your comment about living like I have it does make sense. Love ya!


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