Saturday, October 12, 2013

Checking back in

I haven't been on here in awhile but kept meaning to do so. That statement can apply to many areas of my life. I have good intentions with poor follow-through. While I have been consistent with my workouts, blogging has not been so consistent for me.

Anyway, I have talked about my health before and I mention it again because I will return to my doctor this week for a follow-up. My plan is to knock his socks off with the fact that I took his information to me seriously. My blood pressure has been better when I measure at home, and so have my glucose readings. Again, no big change with the weight but my husband said that he has noticed my body has been slimming. I should point out that he didn't say that just to be nice and I didn't ask him if any particular clothing item made me look fat. He is quite truthful about how he thinks clothes look on me.

Since I have been exercising and trying to eat better, I have become more aware of my body. I'm not totally in tune but I am improving. One big thing I have noticed is my posture at the computer. I have caught myself hyper-extending my neck and/or slumping. When I notice, I will correct my sitting with better posture but this happens more than I realized and more than I like.

I did have a moment yesterday that I need to focus on more than I currently do. I try to limit my intake of carbs and sugars but especially after three p.m. to a very small amount, none if I can get away with it. But yesterday, I didn't pay attention to my body or what I had eaten and at what time. I ate lunch at 10:45 a.m. and didn't have an afternoon snack. By the time my husband got home from work, I was queasy and weepy for no particular reason. He gave me some liquid B12 and I ate a little cheese, and I felt better. So I didn't pay attention to the fact that my blood sugar had gotten too low before I ate something. I know I would be better off if I would plan my meals and snacks but I haven't gotten there yet. It's on the list of thing to do.

So what new things have you noticed about yourself lately?

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