Saturday, September 21, 2013

Update on My Messy Health

I wanted to give an update on my health/weight since I've talked about this before. My weight has not changed. That is not for a lack of trying: I have a six week chain of consistent workouts. So my BMI is still the same. My husband and a good friend have commented that I look more trim, so there are some changes taking place. Although the number for my weight has not changed, other numbers have: my resting blood pressure when recently measured was 123/82 and my fasting glucose was 111. Both of these are significant improvements. My doctor is on the verge of declaring me diabetic and I want to shock the pants off of him at my next appointment in October.

I have also committed myself to "kick my fat in the nuts." This is a program that my cousin, Kinna McInroe has used to lose over 100 pounds and to greatly improve her health. This is not an affiliate link and I'm not trying to sell anything. I'm just being honest about where I am and what I am doing. I say that I have committed because I posted my declaration on the Facebook support group and it has been commented on by Kinna and T.C. Hale, the author. There is no backing down now. What commitments have you made for improved health?

Update: You can see Kinna's video on Kick It In The Nuts in the "Testimonials" section.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013


This morning I was making my friend's recipe for a quick breakfast. In the future I shall refer to it as Brenda's Bomb Breakfast Bowl. It is tasty and easy, and has a good portion of protein. I was thinking about it will it cooked and that's when I had my "AHA!" Before I married in 2009, I joined Weight Watchers in 2008. It is a good program and it helped me lose about 45 to 50 pounds before the wedding. I had a goal and it kept my focus clear. After the wedding, I had gained 9 pounds over 2 weeks. It was discouraging and I couldn't get back on track no matter how well I tracked my points. Here is the epiphany: In the Weight Watchers economy, I was spending my points on "cheap" abundant carbs rather than the more "expensive" proteins. So I was almost always hungry. It's hard for me to keep to an eating plan when I know I will be hungry a good bit of the day. Now I eat more protein and healthy fat, and I am rarely hungry except at mealtimes, which is when I am supposed to be hungry.

This week I've added a little more time to my workout and it is kicking my tail, but in a good way. I realized I don't mind sweating if it is my intention, like when I work out. It's the unintentional sweat (walking out of the building where I work into sweltering weather and breaking into a flop sweat) that I dislike. Oh, and the workout chain is still intact.

Here's the recipe for Brenda's Bomb Breakfast Bowl:

1/2 cup oatmeal
1/2 cup almond milk (or whatever milk you have)
1 egg white
Optional add-ins: 1/2 chopped apple, chopped almonds, nut butter

Mix together and microwave for 3 minutes.

What have you had an epiphany about recently?

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Headway and the Messiness of Messages

For lunch, I opened a can of tuna and waited for my cat. When she hears the can opener, she always assumes it is tuna and wants to lick the empty can. But I waited for a while. Then I shook the treat bag, which she can hear from any corner of the house. This is how I bring her out of her hiding places to make sure she is okay. But I still waited, worried. She's not a young cat. So I started looking for her in her usual spots while I called her name. I found her in the dreaded back bedroom. It was so cluttered, she couldn't find her way out. I shifted some things around and she was able to pick her way through the mess. So after I ate my lunch (and she licked the tuna can clean), I did some decluttering and shifting of what I was keeping. I spent about 2 hours sorting, stacking, deciding and discarding. The room is not clean. by any definition of the word, but there is a pathway and 2+ trash bags at the garbage pickup for Monday. It's progress.

As for the messiness of messages, this is not an anti-technology rant. I'm writing a blog, for goodness sake, and text messaging has been a blessing for my widely spread family. But I am reminded that the text messages that I send can often be read through the filters we use for face-to-face conversation and the filters of our own attitudes, feelings and moods. Despite the widespread use of emoticons, I have experienced the ambiguity of test messaging, both sending and receiving. I have recently sent a couple of messages that touched a nerve or two and required clarification. In the past, I might have avoided dealing with it because my tendency is to ignore/avoid conflict and discomfort, hoping it will just go away. It never does, as I have learned the hard way. But I dealt with the situations as soon as I was able to do so. I'm trying to hold my friendships and work relationships in dearer regard. This, too, is progress.

Progress and process are my watchwords. What are yours and what progress have you made lately?