Saturday, August 17, 2013

Chaining Myself to Success

I'm trying to become a better person physically, mentally and spiritually. I'm not trying to do it on my own. I read a good bit (online and offline) and I listen to podcasts. The ones I have found that are the most uplifting have also led me to other uplifting podcasts and websites. When I have the time, I watch TED Talks. I don't remember who turned me on to TED Talks but they were sent by God. It was there that I found Brene Brown as well as Adam Baker. It was Baker (as he is generally referred to), or rather his wife via email, that directed me to Byron Davis and his podcast. It was there that I found James Clear. For all of the blogs that I read, I sign up for their emails. This is how I know when they have posted new content and sometimes you get cool extra stuff. When I signed up for James' list, there was a line at the bottom of the email that said, "I'd love to hear about what you are struggling with or what you are working towards right now when it comes to your health. Seriously -- reply to this email and let me know. I'm here to help however I can." So I did. I mean, really, this guy gets hundreds of emails so there is no way he will reply. But he did. He clearly read what I wrote to him and he linked some of his posts that he thought might help me. If he can take the time to do that, I can take the time to read what he sent.

The post that stood out the most to me addressed....Procrastination! I know you are as surprised as I am. This one (How to Stop Procrastinating on Your Goals by Using the Seinfeld Strategy) is the one I have most recently taken to heart. The concept is using a visual strategy of X's on a calendar (big red ones) to show that you have started a chain of behavior. It serves as reminder that you don't want to break the chain.

I started a chain this week of morning exercise. For the record, I used to go to aerobics at 5:00 am, 4 or 5 days a week but then my arthritis acted up and it was just easier to walk on the treadmill. Then it was just easier to stay home and exercise with the Wii. Then it was just easier to do nothing because there were other things I should be doing that I never ended up doing. This week I got up and walked with Leslie Sansone. I'm just walking a mile but I'll increase it over time. I mark my calendar every day I walk. It reminds me that I can do this.

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