Monday, July 22, 2013

Pick up and light a candle

I once had a friend who said she didn't clean (meaning deep clean) before people came over to visit. She said, "I just pick up and light a candle." I thought it was funny at the time but that was before I had my own house with its accompanying clutter. Now I know it to be the truth.

One of my messes is my house. I am a pack-rat who married a borderline hoarder. I say that because it is kind of funny and completely true. I can easily walk through most of the room in the house, except for the dreaded "back bedroom." This has collected all the things I think are somewhat important to keep but not important enough to display. If all the rooms in my house looked like this one, I would be a candidate for an episode of "Hoarders."

The rest of the rooms just have some clutter I just haven't gotten to yet. That is, until the minister and his wife were coming by the house to pick up a hand truck. My dearly beloved and I both kicked it into high gear and cleared most of said clutter from the dining room and living room. It looks quite nice and it has given me some motivation to keep it like that. Some of my trouble with initiation is the overwhelmed feeling that I get when I don't feel like I can even make a dent. Now that dents have been made, I hope that I can follow through.

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