Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Let's Start at the Very Beginning

So, I finally decided to write a blog. The thought has been rumbling around in my head for a while. If no one reads it, I think I'm okay with that. What I hope to accomplish is to talk openly about the messes in my life (self-created or otherwise) so that I can also talk openly about my part in cleaning these up.

My messes include:

  • Physical: I'm overweight and out of shape. My health is compromised and my family history is less than stellar on this front.
  • Financial: I'm "normal" on this front as I have too much consumer debt that consumes too much of my life and peace of mind.
  • Home: I am not the housekeeper my mother was nor who I intended to be. I see the clutter and so want to clean it up. But I get overwhelmed and distracted and I don't get started.

That's just a beginning but I think it is a very good place to start.

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